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Death Road to Canada is a Permadeath Randomized Road Trip Simulator. You manage a group of survivors through decision making events as you travel from Florida to Ontario, Canada. This is mixed in with exploring, sneaking around, or fighting in randomly generated cities and other locations.

Scavenge for supplies, find survivors, and deal with massive hordes of classic-style zombies. Recruit up to four survivors with their own random names, appearances, personalities, and quirks that can both help and hinder your journey to safety. Make your own characters to put in the game, and customize them to be based on whoever you'd like.

Originally released July 22, 2016 for PC, Linux, Mac.
Out now for iOS and Android, launched 3/22/2017!
Also out on Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, and Xbox One

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- Tons of replay value. Every game is different. Randomized cities, different survivors to recruit, different events. We will have a big focus on rare events and Easter Eggs.

- More dogs than the Fable series or that one Call of Duty with the dog in it.

- Varied and robust Interactive Fiction style decision making. The traits, personalities, and status of your group members influence the choices you can make and their results.

- Survivors have morale that breaks down due to the stress of post-apocalyptic life. It's up to you to keep everyone together or at least mostly alive in the middle of bickering, personality conflicts, despair, rage, and/or whiny temper tantrums.

- We have the rarely seen classic "death metaphor" style of zombie. They're slow, they're stupid, there's up to 500 of them tracking you down at once. They form a shambling wall of inevitable death that will drag you down.

- Rarer unique survivors that have their own special events, appearance, and dialogue, many of which can be recruited. Get a bodybuilder that can pick up and throw anything, but can't attack. Recruit a green-costumed man with a magic sword and a boomerang. Assist a mad scientist who has a science shotgun and a personal teleporter.

- Our usual commitment to free content updates. Most of our previous games get 1-2 years of extra content.

- Find a dog, teach it to drive. Have all the humans in your party die. Make the dog recruit other dogs until your band of survivors consists of 4 dogs driving a muscle car.

Death Road to Canada is a collaboration between Rocketcat Games and Madgarden. We previously made Punch Quest for iOS and Android.
Rocketcat Games has also made Wayward Souls and other games, and is developing Dad By The Sword.

Email if you have any questions!