RELEASE DATE: First Quarter 2016

Death Road to Canada is a Randomized Permadeath Road Trip Simulator.
It combines Interactive Fiction decision making with city exploration, supply
looting, zombie thwacking, and rescuing people that you cram into you car.
Everything's randomized: cities, events, and survivor personalities.


- Different story every time you play. Be surprised by special events, rare encounters, and twists of fate.

- Recruit people (and sometimes animals) with different personalities and quirks that may help or hinder you.

- Increasingly impossible to fight hordes of classic "shambling wall of death" style zombies. Pick your battles or die.

- Survivors lose morale and then lash out based on their personality. Manage them before they get out of hand.

- Interactive Fiction style decision making events. Traits and status of your group members influence your results.

- Find over fifty rare special characters such as a bodybuilder that poses and flexes instead of using weapons, but he can pick up and throw your car.

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